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CONTROL: The Food Safety Software You Need Right Now

Learn how scheduling, monitoring and reporting of your environmental and finished product testing can be completed in an automated and efficient way.

CONTROL is a cloud-based, comprehensive solution that reduces your brand risk by liberating your data from silos and making it completely transparent! Everything from scheduling and data generation to corrective actions and root cause analysis is visible to all stakeholders. CONTROL ensures that your program is carried out precisely and it will show the data to prove it.

control-sell-sheetSome of the highlights are:

  • The transparent factory - visualize your plant, its risk points and historical performance
  • Dynamically select and add test points to match your operational needs, either for routine or spot testing
  • Automate all your testing schedules, adjust them when needed
  • Carry out and log corrective actions
  • Analyze your data and generate powerful reports for internal or external use

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