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Outsell for Startups Interviews Corvium CEO & Founder on "How Safe is Your Food?"
Mike Koeris

By: Mike Koeris on October 2nd, 2018

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Outsell for Startups Interviews Corvium CEO & Founder on "How Safe is Your Food?"

Food Safety  |  Food Safety Software

Ben Sampson of Outsell for Startups podcast recently sat down with Corvium CEO and Founder Jeff Swartz and Michael Koeris, respectively. If you've ever experienced the awful effect of food poisoning, I'm sure you never looked at that meal or food the same way again.

Companies are under more pressure now than ever to keep food safe for consumers. But as Sampson says, "The question of “is this food safe?” is likely in the back of all our minds. It’s a risk that we all must take, and if you think that we, the consumers, are really putting ourselves on the line, think of the companies that feed millions of people. Just the idea that someone might get sick from your product is a wee bit stressful.

Enter Corvium. Corvium is obsessed with making the world a safer place to eat. The company does this by providing companies in the food industry with real-time insights and data informing the varying risk of current food operations. I had a fantastic time sitting down with Michael Koeris, the founder, and Jeff Swartz, the CEO, as we talked about the state of food safety, what consumers should be aware of today, and how Corvium is making our world a safer place to eat."

Listen to the full podcast episode below!

Corvium will be attending the Outsell Signature Event taking place in London on October 3-4, 2018. At the event, Dr. Michael Koeris, Corvium’s Chief Information Officer, will participate in the Emerging Company Growth Tank, a disruptive, invitation-only series of the top 10 performing startup companies in the data and information industry. He will present on Corvium’s mission and strategy, competing to win the title of Outsell Emerging Company of the Year. 

Read more about the event here.

About Mike Koeris

Dr. Koeris is co-founder of Sample6/Corvium and BiotechStart.org, a non-profit in the Biotech / Lifesciences arena. Michael specializes in development and innovation within biotechnology, startups, venture capital, technology transfer, management consulting, and is an avid basketball fan and master of the pick 'n roll.