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Melody Ge, Corvium Head of Compliance, Selected for Food Safety Tech Advisory Board
David Hatch

By: David Hatch on July 16th, 2019

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Melody Ge, Corvium Head of Compliance, Selected for Food Safety Tech Advisory Board

Corvium Inc., the leader in food safety intelligence, today announced the Company's Head of Compliance, Melody Ge, has been selected to the Food Safety Tech Advisory Board. Ge brings more than 10 years of experience in food safety and quality with a focus on compliance to regulatory requirements. The Advisory Board is comprised of distinguished members of the food industry who play an active role in educating professionals about the importance of food safety.

In recent years, the food industry has been working to incorporate technology and automation into traditional food safety practices to improve outcomes, achieve more efficiency, and ultimately prevent the likelihood of a recall due to foodborne illness. With Ge's selection to the Food Safety Tech Advisory Board, she will lend her expertise to help the food industry understand appropriate uses of technology and automation to comply with food safety guidelines and technology's impact on enhancing food safety programs that exceed government standards.

"As a leading publication in the food safety industry, Food Safety Tech doesn't just bring informative journalism to industry professionals, but through our Advisory Board we provide valuable education on a variety of food safety topics through events, educational, seminars, and other widely attended forums," said Maria Fontanazza, editor-in-chief at Food Safety Tech.

"As someone who has contributed insightful knowledge to our publication, we chose to extend an invitation to Melody to join our Board because we think she will be an asset for the industry to learn from when it comes to better compliance and leveraging technology in food safety programs."

Food Safety Tech's Advisory Board is comprised of valuable members of the food industry that seek to educate the food industry across segments on the importance of food safety and how they can exceed compliance standards and improve food safety plans.

"I'm honored to be selected to join Food Safety Tech's Advisory Board and look forward to collaborating with other industry professionals on this distinguished board," said Melody Ge, head of compliance at Corvium. "All of us in the food industry understand the importance of embracing the best practices to ensure the safest products and to protect the public. I look forward to bringing my experience which complements so many other industry leaders already part of this organization."

At Corvium, Melody Ge serves as Head of Compliance to ensure the Company's CONTROL-PRO workflow and analytics platform and data are in line with regulation and customers' requirements. Based in Virginia, Ge has previously held positions at Lidl US and SQFI. Ge also began her career in R&D and food safety at Beyond Meat and holds both an M.S. and B.S. in Food Science and Engineering.

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Dave Hatch has spent over 30 years solving data management, information security and analytics challenges across multiple industries, including food/beverage, healthcare, publishing, manufacturing and financial services. As Chief Strategy Officer at Corvium, Dave focuses on the emerging digital transformation occurring in the food industry, and its impact on the advancement of food safety programs across the food supply chain.