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Corvium Wins "2018 Outsell Emerging Company of the Year" at Outsell Growth Tank Event
Mike Koeris

By: Mike Koeris on October 23rd, 2018

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Corvium Wins "2018 Outsell Emerging Company of the Year" at Outsell Growth Tank Event

Food safety trailblazer Corvium, Inc. was named the "2018 Outsell Emerging Company of the Year" at Outsell Inc.'s Signature Event in London yesterday. Presenting alongside other finalist startups working at the intersection of data and information solutions, Corvium impressed the Outsell community with a compelling presentation on the food risk landscape and their work to make the world a safer place to eat.

Following its inclusion on the annual Outsell 300 companies to watch list, and later a designation as one of the 50 hottest companies to watch, Corvium was one of just 10 finalists invited to present in the Emerging Company Growth Tank at the Outsell Signature Event this week. Out of this exceptional group of companies, Corvium came away with the event's highest honors, as selected by the audience of CEOs from the world's leading information, data, analytics, and technology companies. Selection criteria included:

  • Potential to shape the future of the industry
  • Uniqueness of approach with an innovative business model
  • Market runway and potential for revenue growth

Corvium has quickly risen as an industry innovator, equipping food producers with advanced food safety, intelligence and operational solutions that can reduce food risk and product recalls. In North America alone, Corvium sits at the center of a food safety market worth at least $2.3 billion, and is working to secure the supply chain and ensure quality at every stage - from raw materials and harvesting, through distribution and processing, through restaurant or retail consumption.

"Our technology is very much needed in the food industry right now, as foodborne illness and recalls are on the rise," said Dr. Michael Koeris, Corvium co-founder and chief innovation officer. "We were able to demonstrate to the Outsell community how we can lower food safety risks, and this award validates our value proposition. Our customers can avoid expensive production shutdowns and reduce costly brand and supply chain relationship damage - correlating their food safety practices to real ROI that extends to operational improvement and beyond. We are excited to be recognized as the 2018 Outsell Emerging Company of the Year, and to continue our rapid growth and impact on the food industry."

"Food touches home for all. The value of the data and insights that Corvium provides has the ability to impact the lives of billions. This is the power of good information, data, and what gets us out of bed every day," said Ben Sampson, VP Product & Head of Outsell for Startups. "We are incredibly excited for the future of Corvium and congratulate them on their well-deserved win of the 2018 Outsell Emerging Company of the Year."

Corvium's CONTROL food safety workflow solution reduces risk by accelerating the EMP testing lifecycle and eliminating repetitive, error-prone manual tasks that lead to unplanned adverse financial outcomes such as undetected contamination and recalls. CONTROL enables continuous visualization, monitoring, and up-to-date documentation of food safety testing across multiple production facilities. Corvium's INSIGHTS food intelligence solution works hand in hand with CONTROL to aggregate and visualize all relevant internal and external data, while continuously monitoring data flows and providing tailor-made and up-to-date analysis of food safety performance across multiple production facilities.

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