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Corvium Inc. (formerly Sample6) Redefines Food Safety With New Technology Offerings
Mike Koeris

By: Mike Koeris on October 29th, 2018

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Corvium Inc. (formerly Sample6) Redefines Food Safety With New Technology Offerings

Corvium (formerly known as Sample6) today announced its commitment to reduce food risk by equipping the world's leading food producers and food service brands with state-of-the-art food safety, intelligence, and operational solutions.

With the FDA recording a total of 456 food recalls in the U.S. in 2017, Corvium is focused on identifying preventative measures to reduce food risk and product recalls. Through its CONTROL and INSIGHTS software, Corvium provides real-time transparency into critical on-premise and supply chain risks and offers increased visibility into improvements for food safety programs and outcomes, such as:

  • Reducing recall risk by aggregating, analyzing and acting on food safety performance data
  • Automating repetitive food safety processes to eliminate time-consuming and error-prone manual data entry
  • Reducing regulatory risk by simplifying compliance reporting
  • Using visualization tools to identify previously unseen supply chain risk

Corvium will continue to develop its product portfolio into a mission-critical software suite, with a major focus on leading the industry into the future of food intelligence. The company's strategic vision builds data aggregation and analytics around food testing to develop new programs and products.

"CONTROL can be used to increase company efficiency and performance and reduce food risk through data analytics," Corvium's CEO Jeff Swartz explains. "Food intelligence is actionable and our mission is to not just provide the insights, but also ensure food safety. Working alongside CONTROL, we also designed INSIGHTS to predict and prevent the kind of contamination that can lead to product recalls and lost revenue, but more seriously, can make consumers sick."

For companies throughout the industry that strive to adopt food safety and continuous improvement processes, Corvium serves as a thought leader, educator and partner in effective risk mitigation and food safety automation, bringing data insights directly to clients.

"We've discovered that clients want meaning derived from data. They want a way to properly make sense of it and take action that will immediately benefit the organization, the food supply chain and customers," says Dr. Michael Koeris, Corvium founder and CIO. "At the end of the day, all food production carries residual risk. It is impossible to discharge all risk and produce food that is absolutely risk-free. In light of factors that you cannot fully control, food suppliers must mitigate risk and use best practices. That's what we aim to do: give our clients the intelligence that is necessary to control risk as much as possible."

First published on PR Newswire.

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