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Reducing Your Food Safety Risk Through Innovative Food Safety Solutions

We empower you to protect your brand from a food recall and improve food quality.

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Corvium is obsessed with making the world a safer place to eat.

We do this by providing organizations in the food industry with access to real-time factual information regarding the changing risk status of their operations. Our CONTROL-PRO workflow solution reduces food safety risk by accelerating the EMP testing lifecycle, and eliminating repetitive error-prone manual tasks that lead to unplanned adverse financial outcomes such as undetected contamination and recalls. CONTROL-PRO enables continuous visualization, monitoring, analytics, and up-to-date documentation of food safety testing across multiple production facilities.

Our INSIGHTS food intelligence solution works hand in hand with CONTROL-PRO to aggregate and visualize all relevant internal [and external] data, while continuously monitoring data flows and providing tailor-made and up-to-date analysis of food safety performance across multiple production facilities. Learn more about the history of Corvium.

We are currently live in 130+ sites
Trusted with almost 1 million test points in the last year!
We support over 60 analysis types

"Has been named as one of the 25 most innovative startups in the ag-tech industry by Forbes Magazine."

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