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Data Strategist, Intelligence & Analytics

Washington, DC

Data Strategist Job Brief:

The Data Strategist role is a newly-created position in the Intelligence and Analytics team at Corvium, a leading provider of Food Risk Management and Compliance solutions.  Our Strategists are responsible for identifying, acquiring, aggregating, and synthesizing extant data that is relevant to the promotion of Corvium’s mission: To make the world a safer place to eat!

We achieve this mission by providing our customers – stakeholders from farm to fork – with workflow and analytics software powered by data and intelligence that enables and ensures compliance with internal and external safety regulations and standards. The goal of our I&A team is to deliver analytical tools that demonstrate the business value of world-class food safety programs and to enable the development and growth of our food safety intelligence and compliance platform.

Strategists collaborate internally with Business Development, Product, Engineering and Customer Success to effect Corvium’s mission and deliver these products.

The Data Strategist reports directly to the Chief Data and Science Officer of Corvium.

Who You Are:examples-of-fsma-corrective-action-plans-in-practice

  • Data drives you and data speaks to you. You must understand it, structure it, analyze synthesize it, and share your insights.
  • You are obsessed with making sense of the world and are convinced that there is always more insight to be had.
  • Data is mute, and you feel like you must help it tell its story.
  • Data is a force – without agenda, but it can be used maliciously or virtuously. You must ensure it is used as a force for good!
  • It is your duty to be true to the data and speak honestly to it, however uncomfortable it may be in the moment!
  • You are relentless about delivering outstanding data-driven insights and products, and you will not rest until the world is a safer place to eat for all!
  • You use data in your daily life to guide decisions and consider the exponentially accumulating data and information in the world the greatest opportunity of the 21st century for humanity and for yourself!
  • You are curious and comfortable holding professional conversations with all market participants be they customers/prospects, industry peers or regulators.
  • You are a veteran of managing internal stakeholders like your team, your peers and your leadership team as well as external groups like service providers and partners.
  • You are a disciplined communicator: being capable of daily, weekly and quarterly reporting to the CDO / CSO and the management team as necessary

What can you do and what have you done:

  • Analytical overachiever
    • You have a strong track record of using qualitative and quantitative data to prioritize and drive decision-making.
    • Clearly you have had great success initiating and delivering complex projects both on time and while meeting successful outcomes, otherwise, we wouldn’t be talking to you!
    • Your work product is exceptional, and you take pride in it. Perfect is the enemy of good, but your good is 98%!
  • Technical
    • You are comfortable leveraging a modern data science production stack, including but not limited to:
    • Advanced spreadsheet skills including tools (pivot tables/charts, validation, data connectors) and best practices in modeling.
    • Exploratory data analysis (EDA) using BI visualization tools such as Tableau
    • Comfortable with basic statistical methods (descriptive)
    • Exceptional document production skills
    • Excellent written English in grammar, syntax and diction.
    • Strong content structuring and analytical ability.
    • Data analysis
    • You balance analytics with instincts to provide counsel to the CDO / CSO and the leadership team. You also exercise sound judgment in managing and sharing sensitive and confidential customer data and information is a critical skill set of a successful Analyst
    • Your mindset is focused on always wanting to structure data in flexible and scalable models.
    • All data is naturally evaluated by you for tactical and strategic utility and value, through the lens of both internal and external use.
    • You can quickly identify, obtain and parse unstructured and structured data for both follow-on synthesis and warehousing.
    • Understanding the Customer, Regulatory, Policy and Requirements Analysis, Pricing, Planning, Competitive Analysis.


  • Discovery
    • Data inventory
  • Take stock and centralize/organize internal data, and
  • Discover the external repositories of data
  • Data acquisition
  • Determine customers' needs and desires by specifying the research needed to obtain market information.
  • Collaboration and communication with customers to acquire data from them.
  • Asses the market both for our customers and for competition
  • Definition
    • Contribute to defining, understanding and reporting data that exists internally
    • Provide input into data frameworks
      • Value framework
      • Data taxonomy and ontology
    • Development
      • Contribute to data analysis and develop content for internal and external audiences
      • Contribute to statistical analysis of data including scope assessment for predictive modeling
      • Drive the transfer of product concepts and prototypes to the Product and Engineering teams
    • Delivery
      • Deliver content in the form of specifications, models or datasets to internal and external audience
      • Content is delivered through a variety of formats including in person, video, print or interactive formats
      • Deliver business-relevant data to internal stakeholders for the purposes of business development and capital raise.

Apply For the Data Strategist Position

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