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Borton Fruit Innovates Across Facility with Automated Technology

How CONTROL empowered Borton’s environmental monitoring program to succeed

About Borton Fruit

The Borton Fruit Story is a unique mix of family farming history and commitment to innovation into the future. The roots of Borton Fruit can be traced through the lives of the Borton family since 1912. The small beginnings of a 20 acre piece of farmland has blossomed into the Borton Family as one of the largest single growers of apples, pears and cherries in the United States. Each generation dedicated to cultivating success through hard work and family values, a true story of the American Dream. 

Today, Borton Fruit is fueled by a desire to grow, pack and ship high quality fruit that will provide the freshest, most flavorful eating experience possible.

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The Challenge

As one of the country’s largest Honeycrisp apple growers and a supplier to retailers around the world, Borton Fruit understands how reputation, a quality product, and cutting edge technology all go hand-in-hand.

When Jeremy Leavitt, the Food Safety and Compliance Director started with the Company four years ago he saw an opportunity to increase structure based on his previous food experience. Jeremy had a strong background in quality assurance and environmental monitoring programs so he was eager to bring this knowledge along with the latest technology to Borton Fruit to develop an effective food safety program.

Before overhauling what was in place, he needed to first observe how the facility functioned as well as the vast acreage the Company owned and operated.

As a fresh produce company, Borton Fruit does not have the cooking and heating steps that processed food goes through as it is manufactured. Without these steps, it becomes increasingly important to have a rigorous and well organized Environmental Monitoring Program. When analyzing their current program, Jeremy found that:

  • The old environmental monitoring program did not have much structure.
  • There was little record of how much they were spending.
  • There was no easy to understand records of what tests were being performed.
  • Equipment was being maintained with incomplete record keeping and testing procedures.

To help the team restructure their current program, create automated reports that track spending and food testing, streamline their maintenance process, Borton needed a dynamic technology solution. With a properly structured program, automated reporting, and more efficient maintenance process, the Borton team could spend more time doing what they love - bringing fresh, flavorful produce to the homes of many Americans. 

    The Approach

    Once Borton switched out their old folder system for Corvium, a food safety platform, they were able to get more insights and data to help them make educated decisions on testing.

    The software then allows employees to know how they must handle a positive test, by defining a very clear and precise remediation process. Knowing all tests results and remediation’s are in one place better prepares them for unexpected administrative and third-party audits. The brush beds were replaced with brush beds made with antimicrobial material and are now easily cleaned in place during shifts, which helps keep the facility running smoothly and prevents pathogens from building up.

    Borton is also able to look at how much money they're investing in their sanitation programs. With Corvium they were able to increase their ROI, by being able to use better tools, expeditor of time, and better focus on areas where they're getting pathogen hits. 

    Powerful Master Dashboard

    Captures FSQA data for testing, sanitation and corrective action performance at a glance so you can assess your plants’ level of compliance.

    Corrective Actions Overview
    Corrective Actions Overview

    Provides status overview and performance data, including how long your corrective actions are open and which are the repeat equipment offenders.

    Focus on Pathogens
    The floor plan view depicts both historical and real-time pathogen data and with unique drill-down capabilities you can see how a test point has performed over time. 

      Our Solution

      Since implementing a structured and automated food safety program with clearly defined steps, Borton Fruits is now using less chemicals and labor, has better quality, longer shelf life, better pressures, and less rot.

      Hear about it first hand from Jeremy Leavitt, the Safety and Compliance Director at Borton Fruit:

      (Full Length) Corvium_Borton



      Corvium has allowed the Company to provide a visual component to what they were doing. “For many of our employees it was their first time thinking about monitoring pathogen testing data, so Corvium helped them understand what to do, where to do it, why they were doing it, and outlined remediation steps,” said Jeremy.

      “By knowing more about what is going on with our product we can better tackle the problem,” he adds. “Having complete control of our Sanitation and Pathogen testing programs gives us more confidence in the entire process and our product.”


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